Community Concerts of the Tri-Cities

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1. Fill out the membership form to submit your preferences. This form will be submitted without payment. A copy of this form will be sent to your Email for reference. 

2. After submitting the membership form, scroll down to start the payment process or click the Payment button on left side.  From those options choose your memberships one at a time and build your cart to match the membership form you submitted.  Be sure to select whether this is a new subscription or renewal and provide the Primary Membership name and phone number before clicking "Add to Cart". 

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Memberships for the remainder of the season:

Adult membership                  $50.00.

Student membership              $20.00. - Full-time student and under age 21.

Family membership                (# of adults ____ x $50 + # of children  ____ x $10). 

 Online Payments will include a 3% convience fee.

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