Community Concerts of the Tri-Cities

2021-2022 Schedule Items

Christine Tassan et les Imposteures - March 23, 2022

Pioneers in a domain usually reserved for men and precursors of the gypsy wave that swept across Québec, this quartet led by guitarist Christine Tassan continues to reinvent this timeless music while integrating new ideas and influences with an originality and flair we have become familiar with. From standards to original compositions, the Imposteures’ musical arrangements innovate, rejuvenate, and leave room for unbridled creativity from four talented and accomplished musicians.

With 7 albums and more than 600 concerts in various venues and festivals, including numerous appearances in major events and tours across Canada, Europe, USA and China, they have cultivated the adoration and loyalty of an ever-growing fan base. They have played at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, at the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois-sur-Seine (France), at the Liberchies Django Festival (Belgium) and at the North-West Django Fest (USA).

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